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Welcome to Gates Long Beach we make sure your “Security is our top most Priority!” Gates Long Beach services in many Los Angeles County areas. We are proud to assist you in all sorts of fencing needs. Whether it be wood fencing, Security Gates, Sports Courts, Steel Fencing, Grating Panels, Safety Bollards, Automatic Gates, Chain Link Fencing, and Iron Fencing, Security Fencing, Steel Frame and Wood, Custom Welding, Post on Pipe, Paneled-In Fencing, Dog-Eared Rambler, Classic Rambler, Board-on-Board, Steel Frame Gates, Vinyl Chain Link, Ornamental Iron, Custom Work and Lattice Tops are just but many list of fencing we practiced to build with beauty, stability and security.

Nowadays people always look up to their security aside from the basic needs. In this perilous time a fence for a defense from many bad happenings around our places is a must! Even if the house is small, if it has fence it has a deterrent from many people who engage themselves from evil doings. Furthermore, fence adds beauty, stability, security and increases your house value through fencing your own property. Fencing helps you to attain your very own privacy. Fencing your property does not only mean ownership it blocks unwanted guests to enter your private place. It may even give safety to your kids, or stops your pet from wandering to other places. So fencing entails Security and privacy plus many more advantages we couldn’t list down.

Gate & Fence Services

Tired at looking at your old fences? Having any plans in customizing a magnificent fence with your very own artistic design? Yes! It`s possible through our Custom Welding you can add any possible design of your own. We can modify your railings, fences and gates as well. We can also powder coat finish after installing your gate. For our customers to be guided here are some list of Custom Welding our company can offer:

  • Residential Gates
  • Commercial Gates
  • Iron Fencing
  • Iron railings
  • Steel Frames
  • Ornamental Iron Gates
  • We also offer welding repairs for your gates and fences.

Gates Long Beach based in Long Beach, California, only deploy professional fence builders and welders to ensure doing a perfect job for your fencing needs. We use only solid materials during our custom welding of railings and fences, we don’t use tube as it is of low cost and cannot last long. Our workmanship assures that we will only use high quality materials with low maintenance so every penny you spent will be worthwhile. Custom welding is much more expensive than other fence installation because it is a way of giving you the desired customization that would satisfy the demand of your appealing site. Gates and Fences have no mouth but if you have the most beautiful Gate in your area then they will speak and add value to you without even saying anything. Good gates speak to others in behalf of you. True isn’t it? You can attain good favour if at the very first impression people will see you with good class and sophistication. They will respect you for having  a good  Custom Welding taste through Gates Long Beach we can help you create a good reputations.

We can build solid foundation, through building a good customize fence of your choice. So if you’re planning to install a good customize fence we can make it happen, With Gates Long Beach your ideas will be put into reality, feel satisfied as we guarantee you our company’s good craftsmanship on dealing fences issues. Contact us now at (562) 418-6555, so we can talk about your desired gates, railing designs, fence design your ideas matter with us! You can never go wrong, when you had decided to choose us. We have every high quality fence materials, with a low maintenance cost at your part. We believe that you had trusted us to really work good, like our repeated customers do. But since this is your first time in dealing with us we can give you a free quote and happy to inform you that we offer Custom Welding package to suit your budget. Sounds great right? Yes as what we had promised we only deliver good quality results. In Gates Long Beach we just don’t mean business here we aim always to satisfy our customers fencing needs. We build, we repair, we fix your fences with satisfaction plus we have an open heart to reach every customers fence budget without compromising the fence materials needed. We always find ways for you to repeat deals with us. So what are you waiting for call now at: (562) 418-6555

Security Gates

Security Gates is very important feature when it comes to securing a home, a business place, a commercial space or an industrial building. Gates offers a carefully controlled access to your home and business using the latest in technology, and safety features. 

There are different types of  Security Gates. One is the Bi Folds Gates. It is called “speed gates” because it operates really fast with a speed of 1m per second, and it is fully compatible with any access control system. Bi Folds Gates are perfect for entrances to houses, apartment blocks, car parks and congested city locations because they are very silent in operation and take the minimum amount of space for gate leaf travel.

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